Tim Francis

Founder and CEO

Timothy Francis is an award-winning Entrepreneur originally from Edmonton, now living in Austin, TX.  He’s been a guest lecturer at NYU in New York City, and has appeared on the Forbes and Inc. Magazine websites.  Tim’s company, Profit Factory, teaches financial literacy for Entrepreneurs and Investors.

After the 2009 crash, Timothy’s net worth plummeted to -$200,000.  The stress and exhaustion of those losses led to Timothy developing a stress-related illness called Erythema Nodosum.  He couldn’t walk for 3 months.  After a divine encounter, Tim discovered his true purpose in life.  As soon as he could walk again, he got back to work.  It was a long journey to pay off all debts, but he did it, and learned priceless lessons about business, money, and life along the way.

Today, Timothy is the Founder of two companies, Profit Factory and Great Assistant.

In Profit Factory, Timothy teaches financial literacy for Entrepreneurs.  His flagship course, Build Your Profit Factory, helps Entrepreneurs who hate Accounting to get their financials under control.

In Great Assistant, Timothy and his team help Entrepreneurs get an effective and affordable Virtual Assistant who takes over the minutiae Entrepreneurs hate doing so they can get back to the work they love.  For 3 straight years, Timothy failed again and again with Assistants; then after 6 years, he finally cracked the code.  Timothy’s own Assistant, Denise, handles 98% of his email inbox which has allowed Timothy to focus on bigger opportunities. Timothy and his team have now helped place over 500 Assistants for Entrepreneurs in the United States and Canada.

When he’s not working, Timothy loves to host his famous Skyline Dinner parties.  To date he’s hosted 44 dinners in just 2.5 years.

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