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About Me

Tim Francis


Tim Francis is a college athlete turned Entrepreneur based in Austin, TX.

He’s been a guest lecturer at NYU in New York City, and has been featured on the websites of Forbes and Inc Magazine.


Tim grew up in Edmonton, Canada as an athlete.

In 2001 he played varsity volleyball on scholarship at Grant MacEwan College.  In 2006 he graduated from the University of Alberta and jumped immediately into studying real estate investing.  By 2008 he had 4 properties.

Tim’s rock band was also growing.

By 2008, Smoothride had played 150 shows, had 3 sponsors, and airplay in 8 different towns and cities.  This was enough to earn them an invite to the 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards.

The future was bright.

Then the 2008 crash came.

Tim’s band broke up 20 minutes before going on stage at the Western Canadian Music Awards.  That same year the real estate crash hit and Tim lost $200,000.  For the next 18 months he fought tooth and nail to stay afloat, desperate to build a new business.

This stress and exhaustion mounted to a breaking point on December 26 2010 when Tim developed a rare illness called Erythema Nodosum.  For 3 months he couldn’t walk.  He moved back in with his parents for full time care.  He would have gone double-bankrupt had it not been for his mother paying his mortgage for him for those three months.

This provided to be a life-changing experience.

In February of 2011, the second full month of bed-rest, Tim had a divine experience.

After weeks of laying in bed, soul-searching, Tim suddenly felt a warm tingling through his body and heard a voice asking him, “Tim, Entrepreneurship, is this what you want?”  The world suddenly stood still, time suspended.  Tim then heard another voice, one that was weak, distant, small, but certain.

It said “yes.”

This caused a cascade of realizations to come in.

Tim realized he’d been chasing Fame and Fortune, when he needed to pursue Truth and Mastery.  Tim made a promise to himself that day from bed: “If all I get to do for the rest of my life is get a little bit better at Entrepreneurship with every week that passes, that will be a life well lived, even if I never become rich or famous.”

And so the journey began.

It took 7 years, but Tim paid off all debt.  He also started two companies, Profit Factory and Great Assistant.  As his businesses grew, he was invited to speak more and more across the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and Mexico, including an appearance guest lecturing at NYU Stern in New York City.

Tim also moved to Austin, Texas.

Upon arriving in Austin, Tim immediately went to work establishing a network.

Tim partnered up with friend and fellow Entrepreneur Thanh Pham to launch the Skyline Dinner Party series.  In just 2 years the pair hosted over 40 private, invitation-only dinners.  With new guests each time, Tim and Thanh had dinner with 350 Entrepreneurs in just 2 years.

The 2020 pandemic was a very productive period for Tim and his teammates.

The Profit Factory team used 96 weeks and 4,000 hours to develop their flagship course, Build Your Profit Factory.  Great Assistant also grew significantly, with the team helping their 500th Entrepreneur get an Assistant.

These days, for fun, Tim plays beach / sand volleyball non-stop in Austin, Texas, and hosts monthly socials in downtown Austin.

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